tirsdag 31. oktober 2017

Rabarbraparken (Rhubarb Park)

This autumn, ReMida, in collaboration with Rallar Arkitekter, has worked to form a park at Bakklandet in Trondheim.The work is an extension of ReMida's "Children in City space - Children in Center"-project at Petter Eggs place in 2016. The park will be in a backyard, and will be a kind of a amazement park with available materials, sound and light elements for exploration. The project is a test pilot, to see if we can make something else than a traditional park with fixed playground equipment.
The park does not open until spring 2018, but here we will give some taste of what we have done so far.
                                From the opening of the ReMida days 2016
ReMida days 2016

ReMida days 2016

Workshop 1(this summer) was a wide-ranging group of planners, architects, landscape architects, pedagogues, artists and representatives from the area. This in order to get an brain-storming about possible measures for the Bakklandet area.

Rallar architects in collaboration with ReMida was chosen to design and develop the project.

In workshop 2 we had invited children from Svartlamon kindergarten to see how they explored the area.
                              In a jungle-slide 

                               Collect natural materials

              Create rooms on stage

               Using found materials

                 In the planning process 

               Idea testing in model

                  Play- / storage module on site (1st model 1:1) 
                    Eiliv and Anders discuss technical details

                  Security inspectors visit the project.

                In process and progress.

                  The designers

                 Sound module


tirsdag 24. oktober 2017

Autumn insects.

A warm fall caused many insects at ReMida. These insects were found / made by very creative pupils from Bispehaugen school.

                material sketch

                 insect collection

tirsdag 23. mai 2017

onsdag 26. april 2017

Coexistence in Kunsthall Trondheim

On family day in Kunsthall Trondheim we had chosen materials that could work together with Marjetica Potrč's exhibition On Coexistence. The children could experience Potrč's great murals and pictures, and from them make their own stories with Remida-materials and self-made figures